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Multiplayer Senet

Play the ancient game of Senet like the pharoahs did
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14 February 2012

Editor's review

We all have grown up playing the game snake and ladders during our school days. To revive the same feeling Novel Games have brought to you a really enjoyable game name in the name of Multiplayer Senet version 1.4.0. The Multiplayer Senet game is a two player game that has 10 pieces, 5 each on a board of 10x3. All you need to do in this game is to move all of your respective pieces out of the board that are aligned in the first row initially in alternating fashion. In the first row you have to move the pieces left to right, in the second row you need to move the pieces right to left and in the third row you need to move from left to right till you help all the pieces out of the board. You can play this game online or you can download it and play it in your PC even if you are not online.

The game has a very lucrative graphics and soothing music that will take you into the ancient Egyptian days. Playing the game is also very simple as you will get on with this game. You will be given an option to play with any other player or with a Robot (against the computer). This game will supply you 4 sticks that you need to throw up in order to move your pieces. With the number of sticks showing light color you can move your piece through that many steps, that means if one stick shows its light side and rest sticks showing dark sides you can only one step. Similarly the game will progress. Both the player are allotted time within which you should throw your sticks else if the action is not performed in time you will lose the game.

Multiplayer Senet is a fine game to play that promises to keep you busy for hours with its game play. We rate it with 4 on a scale of 5 for its near graphics and easy to use controls.

Publisher's description

In this game each player will have 5 pieces on a 10 x 3 board. Initially the 10 pieces of the two players will be put on the first row of the board in an alternating fashion, the pieces should move from the left to right on the first row, and then from the right to left on the second row, and finally from the left to the right on the third row. The object of the game is to move all the pieces off the board. The players shall take turns to make a move, before moving, the player shall throw a set of 4 two sided throwing sticks to determine the number of steps to move, the player can move: 1 steps if 1 throwing stick faces up; 2 steps if 2 throwing sticks face up; 3 steps if 3 throwing sticks face up; 4 steps if 4 throwing sticks face up; 5 steps if no throwing sticks face up. A piece can move to an empty square or a square occupied by an opponent piece, in this case the two pieces switch positions. When two pieces of a player are adjacent to each other, those two pieces are safe and cannot be swapped. When 3 pieces are adjacent to each other, the pieces of another player cannot pass through them. The last 5 squares are special squares, a piece is always safe on a safe square and will not be swapped, the fourth last square is the water square, when a piece lands on it, it must start from the beginning again. An exact throw is needed to leave the board.
Multiplayer Senet
Multiplayer Senet
Version 1.4
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